Best Deal┐LOMVUM Drill-Riveting-Tool Accessorie Gun Cordless

LOMVUM Drill-Riveting-Tool Accessorie Gun Cordless

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    Best Deal┐LOMVUM Drill-Riveting-Tool Accessorie Gun Cordless Specification & Description Summary

    Best Deal┐LOMVUM Drill-Riveting-Tool Accessorie Gun Cordless Specification

    • Brand NameLOMVUM
    • UsageHome DIY
    • Power TypeElectric Rivet Guns
    • Riveter Gun TypeRivet Nut Guns

    Installation Method

    1. Adjust the electric drill to the appropriate gear,
    open the drill chuck and insert the adapter
    2. The riveting gun head is connected to the electric drill, and the clamping chuck is rotated forward
    Confirm that the chuck is locked, open and reverse until riveting
    Only after the nail gun makes a "dada" sound
    3.Align the electric drill with the forward
    rotation function
    and align it with the hole
    4.Turn on the reverse function
    of the electric drill
     and exit the rivet


    LOMVUM Riveter Adapter Electric Rivet Nut Gun Riveter Cordless Riveting Tool Cordless Riveting Drill Adapter for Electric Drill

    Product Feature

    Lomvum Riveter Adapter  has five advantages

    1.Make with high quality alloy steel,it is high hardness and durable

    2.Wiht high hardnes hexagonal connecting rod, its drill clamp is stable

    3.Handle is designed vertical, which is effortless.

    4.With unique shape design, make it small resistance

    5.Equip with different nozzle models,it work with different size of rivets

    Product Package

    Product Package:
    1 * Rivet Adapter
    1 * Sub handle
    1 * Mini wrenchProduct Description