Corporate Entertainment in This Economy?


The corporate world is currently running scared, and doesn’t want to appear to be wasting money. Yet every company has occasions where it has to entertain its staff, or the press, or its clients. Whether its a product launch, Christmas party or an executive function – the need for and value of corporate entertainment hasn’t gone away.

The question is, how can you entertain without…

  • Looking like you’re wasting money
  • Booking something that doesn’t adequately represent the company

It’s a tricky question to answer in this economy, isn’t it? You want to maintain standards, and you need to make sure everybody has fun. But you don’t want to be accused to throwing money away either.

From a PR perspective, hosting a corporate function currently requires that you walk a fine line. Fortunately, there’s an answer to this dilemma, and it’s a surprisingly simple one…

  • Book direct
  • Negotiate

Most corporate entertainment is booked through third parties (i.e. an Agent). The Corporate officer tells the Agent what s/he is looking for, and the Agent does the leg work. The leg work is actually quite easy, unless you have very specific needs. If you do it yourself, and book direct with the entertainer, you’ll pay a lot less money. Especially if you’re prepared to negotiate.

Corporates negotiate all the time, but not necessarily when booking corporate entertainment with Agents. The Agent is typically a seasoned pro, and has various ways of upping the fee you pay. The entertainment provider, on the other hand, is almost certainly not a seasoned negotiator.

By booking direct, you can eliminate the agent’s fee and work on getting the entertainment company to reduce their price. You get 2 ways to win, doubling your chances!


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