Corporate Holiday Party Blues


Everyone’s entitled to have a little fun, even if they work in a stuffy office answering phone calls from the same annoying customers complaining about the same old problems. How about give your employees something that will loosen the collar a bit. Throwing a holiday party for your office is just the treat your co-workers deserve after the ruthless fall quarter. Hiring the perfect corporate holiday party entertainment, however, is what will make or break their spirits. Make sure you consider all the options.

Your corporate holiday party entertainment has to be something that will ensure your co-workers’ enjoyment. There’s nothing worse than having sucky entertainment and bad cake. You’ve got to keep the audience happy. Why not hire a comedian? They’re whole business is based on making people happy –better than that, they’re less expensive than a live band or even a DJ. When considering corporate holiday party entertainment you always want to keep in the back of your mind what the crowd will respond to. If you know that your co-workers love a good laugh, then a comic is the way to go; however, if they’d rather prefer not to pretend something’s funny when it just isn’t hitting the mark, you’ve got to consider other options. DJs are less expensive than live bands and take up markedly less space.

When thinking about corporate holiday party entertainment, you want to make sure that whatever you choose can keep partygoers involved. No one likes a party pooper, but if your attempts at holiday entertainment are bringing the party down, you may find yourself making more enemies than friends. Remember you always want to keep the audience at the forefront of your decision making.

Corporate holiday party entertainment can be as simple as flipping through the yellow pages under “entertainment”; however, if you really want to find something that will keep the rabble at bay, you’ve got to consider doing a bit more legwork. Comedians are always looking for a wider fan base. If you want to find someone that can keep your co-workers entertained, inquire at a few talent agencies and see what kind of talent they’ve got tucked away –make it plain you’re looking for corporate holiday party entertainment and they’ll be sure to find someone that could entertain a crowd of gladiatorial spectators.


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