DIY Gifts – Do You Prefer The Easy Way Or The Hard Way?


I think at one time or another everyone has considered a DIY gift – the reasons can be many-fold, the number one being a shortage of good old fashioned cash. But the second is a more thoughtful reason; a DIY gift illustrates to the recipient how much thought, time and effort you have put into their gift; therefore the gift means a lot more to them than a traditional gift purchased from a store.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what to create, so a good starting point is having a good brain storming session to come up with a gift idea that you think the recipient is going to like.

The Hard Way

There are lots of DIY gift idea websites out there that you can visit and browse to help you come up with some ideas you think will be suitable.

However, one of the problems with DIY gifts is many people are not happy with the look of the finished product – you do your research, identify a suitable gift, follow the instructions, but then when it is finished, you look at it, compare it to the pictures of the finished item you saw online, and you are really disappointed!

Unfortunately this is one of the pitfalls of making your own gifts – it always looks so easy, but in the end, you quickly realize that many DIY projects require a level of skills that you do not quite possess!

The Easy Way

If you want to make your own gift and have 100% confidence that your finished item will look every bit as good as the item you saw online, you need to check out the photo gifts market.

While you do not actually make the product itself, photo gifts still fall into the DIY category because it is you that adds the personalization – whether that is a photo, your own design, a logo or just some text – it is you that determines the characteristics and look of the finished product.

A comparison of the costs

While DIY gifts are obviously cheaper to make than their shop bought counterparts are to buy, you should still expect to spend something in the range of $10 to $20, sometimes more, but infrequently less!

For the same amount of money, or sometimes even less, it’s possible to create your own photo gift that is just about guaranteed not to disappoint you; the looks of your finished product will be identical to what you saw on online – the only difference will be the photo or design you personalized it with.

A little more about customizable photo gifts

There are lots of photo gifts websites available to you where you can check out thousands of different products – with such a wide choice you should not have a problem finding a product that matches your gift idea.

Once you have identified and found the product you would like to personalize, all you need to do is upload a photo or design to the website, follow the simple instructions that direct you how to add your photo to the product, and you’re done! If you want to, to complete the personalization, you can add a personal message to your design – this really does add a special finishing touch to any custom gift.


While a true DIY gift will probably give you a good deal more self satisfaction than a personalized photo gift, they are invariably significantly harder to create and the end results are never guaranteed, thus they often lead to disappointment. From a cost perspective there is little to choose between the two; from a uniqueness point of view the DIY gift just about edges out the photo gift, but the reality is, if you use your own photos and text, the photo gift will also be a true “one-of-a-kind” gift.


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